Guiding consumers and clinicians to the best treatment, faster

Ostro optimizes the path to getting the right diagnosis and treatment.

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is the best medicine

Ostro creates informative connections between those who make medicines and those who take them.

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Get to well

Ostro helps consumers and clinicians get the information they need for faster, more sustainable health outcomes.

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Connecting the dots

Ostro empowers life sciences companies to personalize engagement with consumers and clinicians in a more empathetic and seamless way.

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Consumerizing healthcare

Today’s consumers demand seamless, meaningful digital experiences. Ostro creates them for life sciences companies.

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People first,

Ostro’s #1 priority is to help consumers and clinicians find the best treatments, and our rigorous focus on compliance and privacy helps us do it.

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Today, consumers and healthcare providers (HCPs) are bombarded with information about new healthcare treatment options. And for life sciences brands, it can be hard to cut through the noise.

But with Ostro, it’s easy to amplify your brand message, build trust, and drive meaningful engagement.




The new prescription
for engagement

Give consumers and HCPs a personalized 1:1 pre-script journey that helps them take the high-value actions that lead to better care—and better outcomes.



Users 4x more likely to complete a high-value action



30% increase in click-through rates



80% of users chose Ostro over exploring a brand site on their own


M +

Ostro has helped 3M+ people navigate their health options

Our products


Tailor uses AI to frictionlessly provide PRC-approved content right to HCPs’ fingertips.

For consumers and healthcare professionals.
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Ostro Navigate boosts consumer engagement with an easy-to-implement, personalized 1:1 healthcare experience.

For consumers and healthcare professionals.
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Ostro Attribute connects brand marketing campaigns and consumer online activity to clinical outcomes, allowing you to increase the impact of your commercial spend and consumer experience.

For healthcare professionals.
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Ostro Consult uses an integrated telehealth platform to support the engagement journey by connecting patients to an experienced and qualified clinician.

For consumers and healthcare professionals.
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Hi, we’re Ostro.

We’ve got an experienced team of tech, healthcare, and compliance professionals who all share a passion for helping people live healthier lives.

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