Who we help


For pharmaceutical companies working to create innovative treatments that change people’s lives.

Devices and digital therapeutics

For medical device and digital therapeutic companies doing the deep research, design, and delivery of products that restore health and vitality.


For companies creating the diagnostic tools that help clinicians make better decisions in an era of personalized medical care.

Why we’re here


We believe that everyone should have seamless, convenient, and transparent access to the information, products, and services they need to take full ownership of their health.

Healthcare providers

We want every clinician to have equal access to critical information on treatment options so they can provide better care and get better outcomes.

Who we
partner with

We believe if you want to build something great, you can’t do it alone. We partner with the industry’s most innovative companies to help us go further, faster.

“At Agile Therapeutics, we partner with Ostro to provide meaningful consumer interaction on our product site. One-to-one interactions that allow consumers to ask questions about a product or service have become ubiquitous on consumer sites outside of life sciences - why can’t we also offer that in healthcare? We can and we should - and Ostro is the platform we use to do it.”

Emily Santaspirt
Senior Product Manager

“CooperSurgical is dedicated to putting time on the side of women, babies, and families at the moments that matter the most in life. Patient education along with access to care is at the forefront of our mission. By partnering with Ostro, we are truly accelerating what’s possible. We are empowering women to take control of their future.”

Holly Sheffield